Hi, I am Caracé and I am looking for a language partner

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Well I'm Caracé from Uruguay and I've sutudied English for some years, my main objetive is to become in an English theacher ,I need improve my speaking, so I,m looking for an English native speaker

This is my language exchange offer

I speak and can help you practice:

Spanish (native speaker)

In exchange you can help me practice language(s) I'm learning:

English (upper intermediate)

In this moment I'm studying for an importan exam at the end of this year and I know I need to Improve my speaking and listenig to pass the exam and I think this could be a very good way to do it.

I'm also interested on travel to differes countries and I find English Like a useful tool to be able to comunicate with people around the world.

And I'm very interested to meet new people from other cultures and learn from them, their lenguage and culture.

Because I think that when you learn a foreing language this lenaguage becomes a bridge between two cultures and this facinates me.