Hi, I am lebui and I am looking for a language partner

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This is my language exchange offer

I speak and can help you practice:

Vietnamese (native speaker)

In exchange you can help me practice language(s) I'm learning:

English (lower intermediate)

I am interested in a mutual language practice

If you are learning the same language as me, and are at the similar level, do not feel shy about inviting me to a mutual practice:

English (lower intermediate)

I spend most of my free time for listening to music, though I prefer the rhythm than the lyric. I also love reading, I read lots of kind of books but adventure, fiction, romantic novel are my favorite. I enjoy running every day but fancy to watching volleyball. Travel is the way I enjoy my youth and experience the life. I believe in destiny but I'll never stay in one place and wait for something happen 'cause destiny is the lines in your hand and if you close your palm, destiny will in your hand, you can control it. My opinions about love are sharing and caring. When you love someone, you should show your true color to them, make them and yourself comfort 'cause you can't cover everything with lies and secrets forever and you can't sit on a cactus all your life either.