Hi, I am radarchist and I am looking for a language partner

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Bonjour! Ça va? Hallo! wie geht's wie steht's? I'm pretty positive about this site, and I hope we can talk more than just "hello, how are you". I asked that already, now let's get to work! :P

This is my language exchange offer

I speak and can help you practice:

Lithuanian (native speaker) English (advanced)

In exchange you can help me practice language(s) I'm learning:

German (lower intermediate) French (beginner)

I am interested in a mutual language practice

If you are learning the same language as me, and are at the similar level, do not feel shy about inviting me to a mutual practice:

German (lower intermediate)
Logic - History - Science - Learning about Cultures - Music - Books - Philosophy- Movies - TV Series

J'aime la langue française. J'apprend cette langue au Babbel pour trois mois, mais je ne parle que un peu. J'ai besoin un peu d'aide :')

Ich lerne Deutsch seit zwei Jahre, am Anfang habe ich mich selbst beigebracht, jetzt studiere ich an der Uni Deutsche Philologie. Ich möchte mit Muttersprachlern auf Deutsch unterhalten. Mein Problem ist, außer Grammatik, dass ich formal und unnatürlich klinge. Zumindest so sagen die Deutsche... Also, wenn Sie mir helfen, schicke ich Ihnen cookies. Oder sonst was.

I can help with English though I wouldn't say I'm perfect at it. For beginner and lower intermediate level it should suffice though. And you need to be motivated :P

Now a bit about me: I'm 20, a rather reserved but honest and sincere person, and I value openness a lot. I love reading, especially fantasy literature, listening and playing music, painting. I'm interested in history, though more in the analytical approach rather than descriptional. Other interests - cinema, philosophy, medicine. I'm not really interested in topics such as sport, video games, food and parties.
I used to travel before, now not so much due to some issues, but I absolutely love travelling/hiking stories.

As for language exchange, I'm willing to spend a couple of hours every week, if we come to an agreement that we want to work together :) I'm open for video and voice chat, but first I'd like to get to know the person a little bit through text.