Hi, I am forsvavare and I am looking for a language partner

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I'm in love with languages and cultures from all over the world. Whoever are you - I don't care. Every single person can have something that might be interesting for me. So... go on!

This is my language exchange offer

I speak and can help you practice:

Polish (native speaker) German (upper intermediate) English (upper intermediate)

In exchange you can help me practice language(s) I'm learning:

Spanish (beginner)

I'm 16 and just moved from Poland to Germany. I can talk to you in polish, but also in german and english, I'm pretty good at though, I guess. In the free time I write, read, sing and dream. The languages I want to know? Russian, italian, spanish, french, dutch, portugese, czech... but I'm not fussy you know? So, whoever are you, just write to me and teach me something you're good at! In return I offer you my modest skins in german and english.