Hi, I am ptno.4 and I am looking for a language partner

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Hi! I'm a nerdy girl who loves languages and wants to learn more about the world, people, and other cultures. Let's talk!

This is my language exchange offer

I speak and can help you practice:

English (native speaker)

In exchange you can help me practice language(s) I'm learning:

Japanese (lower intermediate) Spanish (lower intermediate) Korean (beginner)

I am interested in a mutual language practice

If you are learning the same language as me, and are at the similar level, do not feel shy about inviting me to a mutual practice:

Japanese (lower intermediate) Spanish (lower intermediate)
United States
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My name is Kara, and I have lived in America on the East Coast for most of my life. I have always had a passion for languages, but I didn't realize until recently that that was what I wanted to pursue in life. I have a good amount of experience with Spanish from classes throughout middle and high school, but I would like to learn a lot more, especially from a native.

The language I'm currently focusing on is Japanese. It is such a beautiful language to me, and Japanese culture and history is fascinating. I've been studying since December of last year on and off, but very intensively, so I've been able to progress relatively quickly. I think I would benefit greatly from speaking to native Japanese people and it would expedite the learning process. I also just want to make many foreign friends and learn about other people around the world and their cultures. :)

I also really love Korean, and want to study that in the future, but for now I only know the alphabet.

I still live in the U.S. but I plan to travel abroad soon, probably within the next year or so, to Japan and other places in Asia, and probably Europe too, whether for study abroad or work away.

I'd love to get to know you, so let's talk!






Me llamo Kara. Yo he vivido en Los Estados Unidos por la toda de mi vida. Ha sido un largo rato desde que he hablado o escribido en Español. Si hay errores, lo siento. Dígame por favor. :) Quiero entender más!

Gracias por leer!