Setting the time and date of a live language exchange meeting is not a trivial task.

Is this your story also?

One day, I had seen through language exchange offers thoroughly. Then consciously I chose a couple of Profiles which seemed me most promising and sent them friendly and well thought out invitation messages.

Is it really a success story?

I was waiting day or two and then… success. I got the answers and two of my invitations was accepted. I was really happy.

I was detrmined language exchange practitioner, I knew exactly what I am looking for. I was looking for a live voice chat. So, just after an exchange of couple of friendly messages which assured me even more that I had chosen a right person as my potential language exchange partner I started to set date and time of the live voice chat meeting.

The dissapointing result

Regrettably, even though my daily schedule was relatively highly flexible, because of the time difference and completely different daily routines with my potential partners, we were not able to set a time spot which suites both sides.

We really tried. Both sides were strongly interested in finding the right time spot. But goodwill is sometimes not enough. We did not start a language exchange and the conversations broke off.

It was a really disappointing experience. Especially that it happened not the first time. Actually, for people actively looking for language exchange, as I was at that time, it is a regular experience.

When the idea of Babelvillage was born, I said myself the website will try to resolve the problem.

The problem resolved

And now we are today and I am presenting you a new feature of Babelvillage - Timetable.

If you are looking for live language exchange meetings, video or voice chats, you can now inform your potential language exchange partners about your time availability from the very beginning. You can put your Timetable on your Profile page. Hurray! :)

New section of language exchange Profile

If you define it, your Time Availability will be presented to your potential language partners, the readers of you Profile page, together with the information about the time zones, yours and the reader's, and the difference between them.

Language exchange profile timetable

How to

To add Time Availability to your Profile page you have to edit your Profile. Activate the Timetable tab and ... but hey before that, you have to set your appropriate timezone, if you did not do it before. Till the time your timezone will be set as default value, 'UTC', you will not be able to use the new feature. To change your timezone setting edit your Account.

Set your timezone

After that, or if you set the timezone before, you can back to the Timetable tab of the Edit Profile form and define your Timetable. Feel free to add as many time slots as you want, but personally, I think that more than seven will be too much. The best number is probably from two to five. Do not bother the order of the items, on your Public Profile page, they will be ordered properly automaticaly.

Add language exchange timetable to your Profile

Time availability indicator

If you define your time availability for language exchange it will be seen on your Profile page by all logged in members, but also it will be anounced to every one right on the Boards. As you can see below, to your Board-Member plate we stick the 'Time Availability Defined' mark.

What's next?

So, that's all for now. But as it was before, with Looking for a mutual language practice partner it's just a first step. If the idea will catch on, I mean, the significant number of you will define your time availability there will be at least one more feature. There will be a form to search for a language exchange partner who is available on particular day at particular time. Would not be that great?

As usual, I strongly encourage you to share your feedback. Use the comment form below to express your sugesstions or complaints. Thank you. Greg


Cool feature, set up my profile, thanks!

Submitted by clvrobj on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 14:37  |   | 

You're welcome :)

Submitted by greg on Monday, September 1, 2014 - 09:44  |   | 

Time difference calculations can be cumbersome sometimes. I think this is a good idea. I would like to suggest further this: to have another column beside each time slot which can be filled with a few presets in a drop down. These will indicate the probability of ones availability and would accommodate flexibility, I guess. These presets can be 'Definitely', 'Most Likely', 'Maybe' etc

Cпасибо (Thank you) Greg!

Submitted by soumyajit on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 15:32  |   | 

Hi Soumyajit, thank you for the suggestion, I think that at this point it could only complicate the tool. Maybe in the future.
But let me emphasize one thing. The Timetable is not only to deal time differences, it's also, or maybe, even mostly, to deal with daily schedules and routines differences. Even for people at the same time zone, when one of them is a regular 9:00 to 17:00 office guy and the second one is a bartender at a night club, setting the time and date of language exchange live meeting, which suite to both sides could be a big problem.

btw. "Cпасибо" is 'по русски', In my mother tongue it would be 'Dziękuję' ;)

Submitted by greg on Monday, September 1, 2014 - 10:01  |   |