A new unique feature - Language Exchange or Practice chat invitations

Since yesterday night, there is a brand new feature at Babelvillage. With this new tool, you can now invite potential language partners directly to a chat meeting on specified date at specified time.

Take a look at your Dashboard. There are two new sections on it: Your chat Invitations and Chat invitations you applied.

To create a new Chat Invitation click the +NEW button and then choose the type of language collaboration.

This moves you to a web form which lets you create a Chat Invitation page like this one below.

As you can see on the next screen, the new feature brought about changes in the main navigation. All active Chat Invitations are presented on two new Board pages: Language Exchange Chats and Language Practice Chats.

That's all for now. This is only the first iteration with simple functionality. People can apply to your chat invitations and you can apply to inviatations published by others. You will be inform by e-mail about all applications to your chat invitations.

If somebody will apply to your invitation simply send him a message with details needed to carry out the chat, for example your Skype id, or so. It's always up to you if you answer to people's applications or not.

Give the new feature a try and let me know what you think. Use the comment form belowe to leave your feedback or suggestions. Thank you.