Looking for a mutual language practice partner now isolated.

Two months ago, in the post "Is a language exchange the only option to practice your target language?" I introduced an idea.

The idea is to let you, and all other Babelvillage members, firstly, explicitly state if you are interested in mutual language practice, secondly, easily look for a partner. If the idea will catch on, there will be two separated searching forms: one for ‘true’ language exchange and one for mutual practice.

Well, seems that the idea caught on

At the moment there are 187 members who said, via their Profile's settings, they are interested only in a 'true' language exchange, 455 members who are interested in both types of partnership and even 15 members who are interested only in mutual practice.

So, it happened, for nearly two weeks the idea is carried out entirely.

Separate links for language exchange and mutual practice boards

Now, we have two separate boards of profiles. One if you looking for a language partner for a ‘true’ language exchange and the other if you are looking for a partner for a mutual language practice.

Look for a mutual language practice partner form

Mutual language practice not for beginners

This is notice for learners at beginner level of any language.

Don’t be surprised if your Public Profile doesn’t show you are interested in a mutual language practice. You have to be at least at elementary level with you target language to be listed as a potential mutual language practice partner.

It’s not the only change

Two weeks ago, with some the domain propagation problems, but ultimately successfully, the website was moved to a new server. Now, we are at Cloudways.

The website works much faster now and I hope this state won’t be temporary only. ;)

At the same time quite a few minor changes were made to the website, but more about that, in a separate post, soon.

As always I encourage you to share your feedback. Use the comment form below to express your sugesstions or complaints. Thank you. Greg