Join and help to fulfill a daring ambition

Hi, my name is Greg. I’m the founder of Since the website is launched I think it is a good time to lay out some issues. The website as it is now is just a basis. A basis for building something much bigger. Although I have some ideas how it may look like in the near future I’m rather prepared for looking for the best solution with your help.

I have a long-held daring ambition. I have been living with it for already four years. Since 2010 when I discovered the language exchange phenomenon for myself in practice, I am a dedicated supporter of this marvellous idea. And I truly believe that it is still underused by people who are learning foreign languages.

Many language learners have heard of language exchange and most of them have good opinion of the idea but only a few have had valuable practical experiences in the field. That, on the one hand, is dispiriting, on the second hand challenging. This led me to the ambition I mentioned above.

Make language exchange experiences more satisfying for more language learners.

As I wrote already, I have some fresh ideas, at least I like to think of them in such a way ;). but it is not the case when someone comes to the market with a ready to use solution, pulls it out of the box and voilà. Not at all. To realize the ambition I need your help, your involvement. This will be a journey and I need you to think of yourself not as a user or even a member of I need you to think of yourself as a co-founder of it. So join and add some value to the project by sharing your ideas, opinions and sending feedback. There are serious chances that together we can build a truly efficient tool for looking for a language exchange partner.