The first update of our language exchange website

A little more than a month has passed since the launch of the website. I think it’s a good time to inform you about the small changes I made recently.

Let’s stay in touch

Since now, every active member of Babelvillage automatically become a subscriber to the “Babelvillage News” newsletter. Through the newsletter I will be in touch with you. Anticipating your question, no, the subscription is not obligatory. You can turn it off at any time, even now, just edit your Account settings. Although it would be sad to know that you are not interested in knowing what’s going on with the website I will survive. ;)

Define your language-exchange offer

At the beginning everyone of registered authenticated members was allowed to send a message to other members. Even those who did not fill in their Member Profiles. That changed, now only members who defined their language-exchange offer, I mean, who filled in their Member Profile are able to send messages to other members. What does it mean “fill in a Member Profile”? It means that you determine the languages of your language exchange offer. At least one language you speak, in most cases it will be your native language and at least one language you are learning. Of course the more elaborated your Profile is the better for you, I think.

Show me only native speakers

Daniela pointed out that the filter form on the Browse page is first, badly labeled and second, it lacks of a feature to look for native speakers of a particular language only. Thank you for the feedback Daniela. Now the form looks like that.

Remember me

Paweł is another member who sent his feedback. He pointed at tedious necessity of every time logging in to the website. Especialy when he visited the website on mobile. And here you are! The “Remember me” checkbox-feature added to the Log in form. Thank you Paweł.


All these are only small changes and probably all of them should be implemented before the launch. But they weren’t, I'm sorry. I started with the most raw version of the website which seemed to me enough usable. Now it’s time to move forward. But to do it I need your feedback. So be proactive, make comments, share with me your thoughts and ideas either through comments under the posts, the contact form or directly dropping me message to Thank you in advance, Greg.


Thanks for taking my feedback into consideration Greg:)

Submitted by kowal on Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 11:54  |   | 

You're welcome Paweł :)

Submitted by greg on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 13:08  |   |