The first 100 language exchange offers at

A couple of days ago a quantity of language exchange offers in our database exceeded a hundred. Though, for an international Internet community it is still a microscopic size, I am really pleased that new consecutive members join us every day. Yet, not all of the joining members define their language exchange offer right away. Let’s look at the numbers.

There are 193 active and authenticated members at Babelvillage right now, but there are only 126 language exchange offers. That means, there are 67 persons who signed up but did not fill in their Member Profiles. If you are one of them, please share with us the reasons why you stay in such a ‘pointless position’? Without defining a language exchange offer your account remains not fully functional, you can’t send a message to anyone. So why? Do you have any problems with the website? Let us know. Use the comment form below.

Messages - language exchange invitations

Thereby we’ve come up to sending messages. You are great guys! Truly. I haven’t expected such a dedication to looking for a language exchange partner, especially at this early starting point. Let’s look at the numbers once again. The first inviting message was sent at the time when there were not more than forty offers. Since then you guys have sent 104 messages between each other. That’s great. I don’t know how many of these invitations resulted in a real language exchange talk but I hope a couple of them at least. I would really like to know that. Is anybody there who did already language exchange, have found a language exchange partner, with help of Let’s share your story with us. Leave a comment.

Let’s examine subsequent numbers. All these 104 messages make up 71 threads. Eight of the threads consist only one message, meaning, a recipient did not even answer to an initial message. Most of the threads consist two messages, initial one and an answer message. Thirteen of the threads are longer than two messages. And only these, I think, are potentially fruitful language exchange ‘negotiations’. Who knows how many of them led to an actual language exchange talk? I don’t.

One more number. All of the messages were written by 41 members, that means 21% of all members. Is that many or few? At this moment is hard to say. I’m sure that for most of you the numbers could be disappointing but I believe that is a good start. Please share with me your point of view. Greg