A new unique feature - Language Exchange or Practice chat invitations

Since yesterday night, there is a brand new feature at Babelvillage. With this new tool, you can now invite potential language partners directly to a chat meeting on specified date at specified time.

Take a look at your Dashboard. There are two new sections on it: Your chat Invitations and Chat invitations you applied.

Add custom picture to your Profile page to increace your chances to get a language exchange invitation by 214%.

The first time, I saw the stats, I was amazed. I could not belive they are so unambiguous. I had been sure the Profiles with custom Profile pictures are more attractive, but I had not expected such a difference.

One thousand language exchange Profiles on Babelvillage - Hurray!

Just to mark the milestone, yesterday the Babelvillage database reached the number of one thousand Profiles. Hurray! Four and a have moths ago I announced the first hundred.

It's good to see that every months we are growing faster. In case of websites like Babelvillage the size of the community is a really important factor. The connection is simple, more members, more chances to find a language Exchange or Practice partner. 

Setting the time and date of a live language exchange meeting is not a trivial task.

Setting the time and date of a live language exchange meeting is not a trivial task. Because of the time difference and completely different daily routines between partners, sometime is not possible to find a time spot which suites both sides.

Looking for a mutual language practice partner now isolated.

Two months ago, in the post "Is a language exchange the only option to practice your target language?" I introduced an idea.

The idea is to let you, and all other Babelvillage members, firstly, explicitly state if you are interested in mutual language practice, secondly, easily look for a partner. If the idea will catch on, there will be two separated searching forms: one for ‘true’ language exchange and one for mutual practice.

Hunters and anglers, two types of language exchange seekers, which one are you?

I have been observing you, I mean the members of Babelvillage, for more than two months now and I see two type of members. I called them a hunter and an angler.

A hunter is active. An angler, quite the opposite, is passive.

A hunter starts sending language exchange invitations just after signing up. An angler never send language exchange invitations. She or he waits and only responds to invitations sent by… hunters.

Is a language exchange the only option to practice your target language?

Three weeks ago I wrote about the first hundred of language exchange offers at Bebelvillage. Till today you almost doubled the number. The growing numbers bring deeper insight.

These of you who visited the website in the last days surely noticed the change of the Home page. Let’s take a look at one, particular section of the redesigned page - “Members speak … and are learning”. As you see there are two tag-clouds built out of names of languages Babelvillage members speak and are learning.

The first 100 language exchange offers at

A couple of days ago a quantity of language exchange offers in our database exceeded a hundred. Though, for an international Internet community it is still a microscopic size, I am really pleased that new consecutive members join us every day. Yet, not all of the joining members define their language exchange offer right away. Let’s look at the numbers.

The first update of our language exchange website

A little more than a month has passed since the launch of the website. I think it’s a good time to inform you about the small changes I made recently.

I am just one of you, a language learner

If you are an advanced or native speaker of English language you for sure have noticed that the English language is not my mother tongue. Yep, I am English language learner. My native language is Polish. I assess the level of my English as upper intermediate. It is still far from being perfect. Despite that I am the author of all texts on the website. So please be understanding.